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Wedding Planning Tips That You Wish Someone Had Given You Earlier

Getting married is a huge step in the life of an individual. The process that leads up to the big day a.k.a wedding planning, can be quite stressful as there are several aspects associated with the big day. However, most brides tend to forget several important things with regard to the planning, so here are a few tips that every bride wishes someone had told them before their big day, apart from the usual tips on planning.

Ignore what others say It is important to listen to the ones who are close to you and seek advice from those who have more experience than you do in this matter. However, this does not mean you take the advice from every other person you meet. As an individual who is about to get married, you will receive several words of wisdom from the people you meet, but it is important to ensure that you do not let the opinions of others affect you. If you want to look for a rooftop venue hire Melbourne service, to host the ceremony, then go ahead and do so. Don’t bother about what your friends who kept asking you to have a beach wedding will have to say about this. This is your day and you get to decide how you want it.

Don’t sweat the small stuff One of the most common things that is witnessed across the globe with regard to wedding planning is that the bride turns into bridezilla in no time. There are often outbursts followed by waterworks from the bride and a fit of rage along with it. Don’t be that person! Remember that no matter how hard you try, you cannot make every single thing perfect. Your big day cannot be that fairytale image that you envisioned. It can be similar to a fairytale, but there are bound to be a few glitches here and there. Just remember to keep your calm and don’t stress about every single detail in attempt to make your wedding seem flawless. event-services-hire Avoid splurging unnecessarily Most brides have the tendency to spend a great deal of money on the most unnecessary things. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake. Instead, make a list and circle the aspects that are most important to you and allocate a little extra for those specific details so that you can spend more money only on those areas and not on every single thing. For example: if you want to choose from one of the luxurious corporate event venues Melbourne in town, then you must focus on downsizing the expenditure on the food or the cake in order to avoid overspending.In addition to the several wedding planning tips that you may receive, these unusual tips will surely be the most useful tips that will make the entire process much easier. For more information, please click here.

Most Popular Wedding Themes

The best of modern trend in weddings decor is that couples go with a theme. It is no longer a simple affair, choosing a colour that you like and putting up flowers around the reception hall. Choosing a theme makes your ceremony exciting and fun. So here are some of the most popular themes this season that you could choose from, or simply go with any idea of your preference.


Vintage has been one of the most loved themes forever. There is always something magical and romantic about vintage cars, old books, suitcases, candles etc. An easy antique and candelabra hire could help you arrange all these vintage decorations. Lace should be a compulsory element in your dress. A beautiful long train with a dab of pearls would make an extremely elegant gown. You could also use old pictures of your family and display family heirlooms for a personal touch. For example, if your family has owned an iconic chandelier, you could base your entire theme on it and make it the centre of attention.

Pure romance

It’s all about the flowers, rose petals, candles and fairy lights. Your ceremony would look like a scene of a romantic movie, the perfect subtle pinks and purples, fairy light curtains and floating candles. You’d be dressed in a fitted chic dress and your groom and groomsmen in black tuxedos and your bridesmaids in pale pink gowns. A romance theme would fit well for a winter ceremony too.

Rustic chic

These showcase a beautiful natural landscape and plenty of woodwork pairing them up with more natural elements such as twigs, pinecones and flowers. For those of you nature lovers who love garden parties, vineyards or barns, this is a great choice. Using wine barrels for décor will greatly showcase country side. A wedding centrepiece hire would easily provide you with such barrels that could be the start element of the evening.

Seaside celebration

A sea themed ceremony would be more relaxed and fun than formal receptions. You could use seashells, pearls, a touch of light blue with white flowers etc. You and your bridal party can dress in flared and relaxing dresses while a linen shirt and pant would go for the groom and groomsmen. Base your food and beverages on seafood. Sea themed ceremonies are great for destination weddings where only your closest family and friends will join you to spend a weekend away with you. However, keep in mind that the sea breeze might come in your way with the décor so arrange for strong decorations.