Fiesta De Gala 2008

Balloon In The Air

Everything looks good in the air, balloons Sydney are no exception. They become attraction for the people. We have a variety of Helium Hire available for you. You can choose from different cylinder sizes to fulfill your demand. We have CL size which can fill up to 50 balloons. To get this you have to pay a $100 security fee for the security of cylinder, when you return the cylinder, you get your money back. CL size is best size for you if you have a small event or a birthday party. Then there is D size, which can fill up to 100 balloons. It is a lot of balloons for an event. You can have a medium size party with this cylinder of Helium. Moreover, for promotional services on a medium scale, this cylinder can be used. If you are looking for a big event then you can have E Size cylinder with which you can fill up to 300 balloons. It is good for a wedding ceremony or a party. It can also be used for promotional events in which you have to use a lot of balloons. 

What if you have a super big event or maybe a grand party then we have a giant G size which will be able to fill 800 balloons, it is a huge number and this cylinder could be used when you are having a big balloon party or there is something really big a grand opening of a plaza and you want to float all the balloons in the air, this giant cylinder could be really helpful. Whatever you have in your mind, a school fair, a celebration or an event no matter small or big, we have a package for you. The insurance policy goes same for all the cylinders as these cylinders have to be refilled again for further use. If you are unsure which cylinder size is good enough for you then you can contact us via email or phone or even visit our store, we will be more than happy to tell and consult you. As we have seen a number of event and have been consulting for a long time, we and balloons share a long history together and we have decorated some of the best events in Sydney. We know how to deal with our customers and how to guide them in the best possible direction in a more decorative and economical way. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we deal them in most strategic and convenient way. You would not be disappointed with the plans that we have for you.